Slip Fielder. High quality bronze cricket trophy-S17

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A masterly and dynamic sculpture of the close fielder waiting to pounce when the ball is snicked or slashed in the air towards the catcher. The image here is of the fielder fully prepared with the lightning recaction and perfect balance to move in any direction possibly having to dive full length.

This figure a wonderful trophy and prized greatly by those close fielding specialists who win it. Made by hand in the Thomas & Peters Lincolnshire Gedney Road Studio, by their highly skilled craftsmen and using the exclusive casting methods patented under the well known Float Bronze. The image is in bright bronze finish but it can be patinated in the classic dark and powerful monumental finish should the buyer prefer it. Telephone Thomas & Peters on 01406 363140 to discuss this and any other questions.

This beautifully observed sculpture is mounted on a two tier base made from Geen Lakeland Slate which can easily be converted to a twin base by adding a 2"/5.5cm moulded mahogany block. Ample space for engraving with up to 55 letters being included in the price. Approx.weight 3.0k