Runner Trophy. A high quality bronze award for your athletics event-S19

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A mastful sculpture of the middle distance runner which also works as a long distance running figure. A great sense of movement is encapsulated in the figure as it strides along with poise and purpose. This runner is a winner and a winner's trophy.

The standard product pictured here is cast byhand by our highly skilled craftsmen in the Lincolnshire Gedney Road Studio using the Thomas & Peters patent Float Bronze methods. The standard version has the bright bronze finish but it can be patinated should the buyer prefer it in the classic monumental finish.

Ample space for engraving with up to 55 letters being included in the price.

It is mounted on a two tier base made from Geen Lakeland Slate which can easily be converted to a perpetual trophy format with space for annual winner's names by twinning a slice of slate with a 2"/5.5cm block of Mahogany with moulded edge.

Telephone Thomas & Peters on 01252 545486 to discuss any variations on the standard.