Golf Trophy of Golf Bags Visor Flag and Balls, 8"/20.5cm overall - Tab 3

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A golf trophy and prize with a difference. There is no golfer in sight but it is very plain to see that it is a trophy for the golfer.

It contains much of the golf equipment that makes up the essentials for a round of golf and preparation for it. The bag is 5 inches tall and contains a cluster of clubs. Alongside is the small practice bag full of balls and the visor for a sunny day. We have added some balls on the smooth green Lakeland Slate ground and 7.5 inch flag fluttering in the warm breeze.

The flag is removable for safe transport of the piece. By popular request, the cost of engraving on a black enamelled silver plate is now included in the price for up to 55 characters. Call us on 01406 363410 for more details.