Golf Trophy of Crouching Golfer Putting 7"/18cm overall - Tab 12

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Tableau number 12 is a class piece of imaginative golf trophy design for which Thomas & Peters is renowned. There are those who have tried without success to imitate our work but we continue to lead the field.

This sculpture really is true to life in miniature. The club is cast separately and the hand drilled with great care to recieve it and then fixed in place, carefully aligned with the cup. This putter's ball is going to"get in the hole".

This really is a major trophy. The green Lakeland slate is cut to a length that is realistic and its colour singularly appropriate to the green itself. The Flag is a superb touch. The significant size of the base provides a large expanse of stone to take the main engraved plate. There is also plenty of room for winners names for the first 10 years. After that we can supply a twin base to cater for the next 50 years. Call us to discuss your order on 01406 363410.