Golf Shoes Balls & Visor Prize - 2.5"/6.5cm SC37

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This piece showcases the most remarkable detail in something so small, in these handmade golf shoes and little visor. The beautifully polished visor cuts a modern edge, the tiny shoelaces add real charm to this excellent piece, and the the two tiny dimpled bronze balls show an equally high level of detail. Every handmade piece produced is a tribute to both the artist Ellinor Atkinson who modelled all the original miniatures, and to the casters and polishers who produce each piece. This hand-sculpted piece is exclusive to Thomas & Peters. The creative process starts with an original idea and a lump of clay and ends with this unique real-bronze piece. Every piece is handmade individually through our registered float bronze process. These distinctive pieces will have enduring appeal in any club or home. Our solid sculptures have a clear presence and lasting appeal. They will endure as a perpetual trophy or offer years of pleasure as a gift. Options for engraving: The mounting of the piece includes space for an engraving plate with up to 65 characters (including spaces) included in the price of the piece. We can also add your club or company logo or design please contact us on 01406 363410 or for more information about this. Option for trophy mounts: Our trophies are mounted on natural green Lakeland slate as standard but you can also choose Burlington Blue, an exquisite black slate. Please contact us on 01406 363410 or for more information.