Golf Prize Plaque - 7x5"/18x13cm SC15B

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This Longest Drive prize in high relief bronze is a lovely prize which shows an exceptional sculptural ability in the modelling. The natural green Lakeland slate mount includes plenty of space for an engraving plate. As with all Thomas & Peters's trophies, 65 characters of engraving are included in the price. The cleverness of this piece is shown in the perspective which has been a sculptural practice going back to the Egyptians. If you want to see a large scale example closer to home, the huge bronze high reliefs in Trafalgar Square depicting Lord Nelson's famous sea battles are a wonderful example. Modelled very smoothly, the prize shines brightly in every respect. The larger of two Longest Drive plaque prizes. The casting is a highly polished example of our skilled craftsmen doing the sculptor justice. Options for engraving: The mounting of the piece includes space for an engraving plate with up to 65 characters (including spaces) included in the price of the piece. We can also add your club or company logo or design please contact us on 01406 363410 or for more information about this. Option for trophy mounts: Our trophies are mounted on natural green Lakeland slate as standard but you can also choose Burlington Blue, an exquisite black slate. Please contact us on 01406 363410 or for more information.