Golf Trophy Portrait of Ben Hogan 15"/38cm S96PT

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Golf trophy portrait of Ben Hogan ideal for tournament and seniors top prize - 15"/38cm S96PT This superb sculpture shows a classic stroke by the famous Ben Hogan often described as the finest stroke player ever. The timeless, patinated finish - like that used on the lions of Trafalgar Square - lifts the figure to a great status.

The piece has all the recognisable features of the great man and captures the particular way in which he hit the ball. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a decision on what could be an ideal trophy for the event in question.

This is a presentation piece which will appeal to any winner who can bask in reflected glory. It is the type of statue which works not just as a prize or major trophy, but also as a fine and outstanding decorative piece for a reception area.

The process of creating a twin base elevates this figure into a major perpetual trophy - the base consists of a slice of Lakeland Slate and another of a 2" deep fine mahaogany. The mahogany has sharply moulded top edges to give it that extra touch of class.

This hand-sculpted piece is exclusive to Thomas & Peters. The creative process starts with an original idea and a lump of clay and ends with this unique real-bronze piece. Every piece is handmade individually through our registered float bronze process. These distinctive pieces will have enduring appeal in any club or home. Approx weight 6.0 kilo