7 Piece Miniatures Golf Prize Package no. 4 MPP4

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Thomas & Peters's miniature prize packages offer the complete range of prizes for a successful tournament. Miniature Prize Package 4 includes Winner, Runner-up, Third and Fourth place, Putting Prize, Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin trophies. Golfers may also wish to build their own prize packages by choosing individually from among our range of trophies. ENGRAVING The price of this package includes up to 65 characters on each piece, on up to three lines. We can also add your club or company logo or design at an additional cost. We will contact you on receipt of your order to confirm your engraving requirements, or you may wish to phone us about this on either before or after you place your order 01406 363410 or email sales@thomasandpeters.co.uk Winner - Miniature Golf Bag with Brolley & Balls M1 This unbeatable trophy shows superb detail from the piping on the bag to the curve of the highly-polished umbrella. The three little golf balls on the Lakeland slate 'green' place this lovely collection of miniature pieces firmly on the course. This winner's trophy, an original sculpture, in our signature bright bronze is always a hit with the recipient. This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M1. Runner-Up - Miniature Golf Bag, Practice Bag & Flag M6 This trophy is one of the most beautifully-detailed items in Thomas & Peters' golf equipment range and encompasses a lovely collection of miniaturised pieces. This trophy includes a golf bag with clubs, a practice bag bursting with balls, and a lively fluttery flag. Third - Miniature Golf Bag Flag, & Balls M2 This piece with its tiny golf bag, flag and two balls is a delightful prize which the winner will be well pleased to receive. It shows a superb level of detail for something of its scale. This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M2. Fourth - Miniature Shoes Glove & Balls M3 This piece showcases the remarkable detail in something so small in the handmade classic golf shoes, with serrated tongue and tiny perfect laces. Added to the shoes are two tiny dimpled bronze balls and a golf glove.This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M3. Fifth - Miniature Cap, Glove, Balls & Putter M9 A selection of miniature golf equipment which includes one of Thomas & Peters's delightful, individually-cast bronze clubs in the shape of a putter. The cap is a well-known shape on the golf course, and the balls and glove are very nicely observed by the sculptor. This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M9. Longest Drive - Miniature Glove, Balls & Driver M4 The driver, glove and balls on this lovely original piece make the ideal combination for a longest drive trophy. The glove has all the signature detail found throughout Thomas & Peters's range of miniatures. The driver is beautifully-weighted and you can admire every detail from its free-standing position.This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M4. Nearest the Pin - Miniature Flag & Balls M5 The famous flag and balls combination speaks for itself as a Nearest the Pin prize. Perfectly detailed and a scenario that will strike a note with every successful golfer, it is a lovely trophy for this important achievement. This piece is also available for individual purchase - please see item M5. These miniature pieces each contain exquisite detail which is remarkable for their size. The casting and modelling of these bright bronze trophies, which stand up to 2.5 inches/6.5cm tall, have all the sharpness associated with Thomas & Peters's larger works. They are all mounted on natural Lakeland slate bases measuring 3x2.5"/8x6.5cm. Hand-sculpted, original pieces by Ellinor Atkinson, they are exclusive to Thomas & Peters. The creative process starts with an original idea and a lump of clay and ends with a superb real-bronze piece. Every piece is handmade individually through our registered float bronze process. These distinctive pieces will have enduring appeal in any club or home. Our sculptures have a unique presence and lasting appeal. They will endure as trophies or offer years of pleasure as a gift. Option for trophy mounts: Our trophies are mounted on natural green Lakeland slate as standard but you can also choose Burlington Blue, an exquisite black slate. Please contact us on 01406 363410 or sales@thomasandpeters.co.uk for more information.