Golf trophy Quaich Bowl 6"/15cm Diameter -44-1289D

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This lovely piece is a classic silver-plated quaich. The 'quaich' originated in the Scottish Highlands hundreds of years ago, and is traditionally used when offering a guest 'a cup of welcome' and again for a farewell drink. The simple and attractive design of the Quaich has remained unchanged over the centuries. Handcrafted in Britain, this quaich features an intricate Celtic pattern on the handles and around the rim. Each trophy has a highly polished interior and is offered with an optional beautifully-finished wooden base with an engraving plate. If this optional base is purchased at £25.00 there are two areas that are suitable for engraving, the trophy body and the base engraving plate. This style of quaich is available in a range of five sizes from 3.25 inches up to an impressive 8 inches in diameter. For engraving costs please telephone 01406 363410 or email for a quotation. NB: The "weight" is calculated on a volumetric basis.