Rugby Player passing ball. Highest quality rugby trophy and award-S12

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This much loved sculpture of a rugby player in full flight and ready to leave the defending tackler for dead. The way the runner presents the ball and his balancecompletely disguises which way he is going next and poised for the well known dummy.

A sculpture is a frozen moment of any action and yet in this piece there is no doubt how much has happened and how much more is to come. It almost seems to be moving. This is the unique attraction of this particular sporting sculpture.

One of Thomas & Peters highly praised figures this is a wonderful prize and the perfect piece for a perpetual trophy and a delightful birthday present. Cast in Thomas & Peters patent Float Bronze it can be patinated should the buyer want to have it in the classic monumental finish.

This beautifully observed sculpture is mounted on a two tier base made of Geen Lakeland Slate which can easily be converted to a twin base by adding a 2"/5.5cm moulded mahogany block. Ample space for engraving with up to 55 letters being included in the price. Please phone us on 01406 363140 for any further information or request for variations.