Golf Trophy Portrait of Seve Ballesteros - 13"/33cm S112P

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This outstanding portrait of Seve Ballesteros in action by artist Ellinor Atkinson is totally original. Unlike photographs which catch a fixed and thus limited angle of the sitter and are only to some extent true before studio photographers get to work with back lighting, back drops and today digital airbrushing.For the sculptor modelling in clay there is no hiding place. The figure has to work for the full 360 degrees. 

As Seve was no longer with us Ellinor had to work from 200 photographs and hours of studying interviews of the great man and film of him in action. A single full face photograph will give Ellinor no idea of the curve of eyebrows nose or lips. Ellinor worked over 3 months and in later stages spending no more than half an hour at a time on her next move, correction and improvement.

The finished 13 inch figure then has to be moulded over a number of hours with the utmost care to avoid any loss of detail. The casting from that mould demands equally assiduous application and attention through to the finishing and patination processes. Patination is a chemical process of darkening the natural bright polished bronze to fix its authority in perpetuity, a practice thousands of years old.

The size and quality of the figure makes it perfect as a perpetual trophy which is mounted first on a slice of dressed Lakeland slate and then twinned with a 2 inch thick (top edge moulded) piece of genuine finished Mahogany. The additional cost of this depends on the customer,s particular requirement and is usually discussed personally with our studio telephone 01406 363 410. Approx. weight 3.4 kilo