Patinated Bronze Pedigree Bull 8" - 30cm -SC86P

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Sculpture of pedigree bull standing with ring through his nose for trophy and presentation and award purposes. Artist Ellinor Atkinson who is a Partner of Thomas & Peters spent time at a slaughter house to be certain of the anatomy of such fine beasts. Bronze is a bright warm brassy colour when first cast and to give it the clasical authority of the darkness of such monumental works as the lions in Trafalgar Square, are treated with chemicals to give the work a permanent dark colour which is finally dressed with wax. If left in its original condition the bronze will tarnish and require constant polishing to remove verdigris. Patination however will remain glossy for ever if given only a light dusting. The bull in this case is mounted on a two tier green lakeland slate base. The photograph showing it on a perpetual trophy base of lakeland slate twinned with mahogany is priced elsewhere. Search for SC86PT.