Golf Trophy of Two Golf Bags Flag and Golf Shoes, 9"/23cm overall - Tab 2

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These hand made bronze 2 inch shoes is a signature Thomas & Peters golf miniature works. Made in real bronze, crafted in superb detail with classic tasselated tongues and laces they sit alongside an 5.25" Golf Bag which has four individually cast clubs in it.

The practice bag is unzipped and shows a number of dimpled golf balls some of which have already been taken out ready for practice to begin. This is a weighty trophy with a ton of interest and plenty of charm.

The flag is also cast in float bronze with a strengthening core of piano wire in the shaft. The flag is removable for safe transport. There is plenty of room for the engraved plate the cost of which up to 55 characters is included in the price. For more details call 01406 363410.